About Australian Wagyu

Australian Wagyu is a breed of beef that has been developed for the Australian market. They are genetically linked to the Japanese Wagyu breed, but are raised in Australia, where they are fed a diet of grain and hay.

Australian Wagyu is putting its own spin on the world’s love affair with Wagyu beef. Among its unsurpassed properties, the culinary luxury has fat distributed evenly throughout the muscle. The low melting point creates¬†flavorful and tender beef that melts on your tongue.
Australian Wagyu delivers an extremely rich flavour due to its softer fat composition, higher proportion of healthier unsaturated fats, finer meat texture and higher ribeye yield. Not only is the marbling intense, but so is the eating experience.

Australian Wagyu has become one of the best in Wagyu and it’s all because of their attention to detail, and many farmers praise the great rainfall, springs and grass provided by Australia. In order to get high-quality meat and the great marbling, it takes an approximate of 2.5 years before the cattle is ready.

Australian Wagyu beef so expensive because cattle are placed on a special high-energy diet for approximately 600-700 days which in turn requires far more resources and of course time, in contrast, regular cattle tend to only be fed for around 120 days. Though this extensive process is not for nothing, it allows the Wagyu to fully mature and marble.

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